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Ambassadors for Christ

I love to write! And I know I’m not alone, and as much as I like putting words on paper I have to admit that it often takes a lot of time and effort to write a piece that others… Continue Reading →

Choices that Count

It’s often easier to blame others when things go wrong in our lives, especially when such people have been around us for so long, but the ultimate responsibility lies with us. We determine what happens when all have been said and done…. Continue Reading →

New Year, New You

The party is over and everyone’s gone home, so what next? A massive clean up I would think but what about you? Don’t you think you could do with a makeover of some sort too, after all, It’s a new… Continue Reading →

Hello, again

Hi, everyone! I know it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. I’ve actually been very busy working on a few other projects and one of them is out! It’s called “Anita’s Diary” and it’s about a… Continue Reading →

Back to Basics

With the holiday season fast approaching a lot of us are probably making some last minute contingency plans for the next few weeks, except that most of us haven’t got that much to work with. Our kids have already been to… Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Hi, and welcome to my site. Are you looking for a family-friendly novel that’s worth your while? Then look no further. “Everyone’s Child”, my debut novel, will take you on a journey of faith, love and forgiveness, as you follow… Continue Reading →

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