Joelle-MoBoni Lewis Ministries (Writing for His Glory)

Joelle-MoBoni Lewis Ministries was founded by MoBoni Lewis to provide godly and uncompromising reads for the body of Christ.

A Christian writer with a ministry to families, MoBoni has published a number of novels, each one with a strong message of love and hope for the hurting.

Her latest book, “Date-Right”, focuses on dating with purpose, with particular emphasis on being led by the Spirit of God in the choice of a partner. It also encourages men and women to date with integrity and to work on being their very best and on their relationship with the Lord during the waiting period.

“Date-Right”, along with MoBoni’s other books can be found on Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, Foyles and on many other platforms where books are sold, including her very first book-A Clarion Call (Preserving our Spiritual Heritage), a parenting guide for the 21st century parent, published under her other name, Joelle.

She’s currently holding Date-Right workshops for Christian Singles and Church groups in the United Kingdom.

Writing for the Master’s Glory