The Vision

Joelle-MoBoni Lewis Ministries (Edifying and Equipping the Body of Christ).

Joelle-MoBoni Lewis Ministries was founded by MoBoni Lewis to provide godly and uncompromising reads for the body of Christ.

A Christian writer with a ministry to families, MoBoni has published a number of novels, each one with a strong message of love and hope for the hurting.

Her latest book, “Date-Right”, focuses on dating with purpose, with particular emphasis on being led by the Spirit of God in the choice of a partner. It also encourages men and women to date with integrity and to work on being their very best and on their relationship with the Lord during the waiting period.

“Date-Right”, along with MoBoni’s other books can be found on Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, Foyles and on many other platforms where books are sold, including her very first book-A Clarion Call (Preserving our Spiritual Heritage), a parenting guide for the 21st century parent, published under her other name, Joelle.

And, for those who are yet to find their soulmate and want guidance on how to go about finding that special person; then check out my latest book “Date-Right”.


“Search from the book of the Lord, and read:
Not one of these shall fail;
Not one shall lack her mate.
For My mouth has commanded it, and His Spirit has gathered them.” Isaiah 34:16 NKJV.