A God For All Seasons

Many of us would readily acknowledge God’s presence when life is at it’s best. We have no reason to doubt that He is with us and in us. After all, our lives speak of His marvellous works all day long. But in our valley experiences, we are equally quick to question the Master’s presence. We doubt whether He’s with us and wonder why He would allow us to experience such pain. But our God is and always will be with us. He’s right there with us, even in our pain. And how do I know? Because He’s promised never to leave us or forsake us.  He’s God in the good times as well as in the bad. We just have to focus on Him and not on our problems and believe that this too, “shall come to pass”.                                                                                               Joseph had been thrown into prison for a crime he hadn’t committed but the bible records that even there the Lord was with him. So, perhaps you’re in a similar situation, being persecuted for righteousness sake or maybe you’re just faced with the storms of life, remember that you’re not alone. You just keep being faithful, doing what you have to do, without being bitter and at the right time “the king will send for you” just as he did for Joseph. And that which was meant for evil, will eventually turn out for your good.

You may want to read Genesis 39: 1-21 and Chapters 40 & 41 for the full story.

And Isaiah 43:1-2 for the promise of God’s presence in troubled times.