Are You On God’s Waiting List?

It’s that time of the year again, and many of us are still on God’s waiting list, waiting for that crucial thing we thought we would have had by now. You were hopeful at the beginning of the year, but you are still waiting. So what went wrong?

If there’s one lesson I’ve had to learn over and over in my walk with God, it’s patience, and He’s still not done with me.

Now, waiting is one thing but our attitude during our waiting period is just as important. God is equally interested in how we conduct ourselves during the wait.

Be assured that If God is making you wait, it’s never in vain; the most important thing is to wait and be patient.

Here are a few things to note about being on God’s waiting list.

God, in His infinite wisdom, makes us wait to protect us because He knows our end from the beginning; He sees our future, not just the present. So when we ask God for a car, He looks beyond the day it arrives; He looks at our ability to maintain the vehicle after it comes.

I once heard about a woman who became a recluse after winning huge lottery money because she didn’t know how to manage it.

So God does everything to prepare us for the blessing He’s about to give us because a gift you weren’t prepared for can ruin you.

And sometimes, we ask for not precisely what God wants for us, so He makes us wait until our desires align with His will.

How often have you bought something in haste only to return to the shop a few weeks later to find a better and less expensive model of what you’d gotten in a hurry?

And that’s why we should be grateful that God doesn’t always answer all our prayers the way we want. Some of us will be quick to point accusing fingers at God for giving us what we asked for.

Another reason why God may make us wait is that we are asking for the right thing but for the wrong reasons. If Hannah wanted to have a child to prove a point to Peninnah in 2 Sam 1, I believe she would have waited much longer for Samuel because her motive for wanting a child was wrong.

So, if you’re on God’s waiting list, check to see if any of these apply to you and once you are convinced that you have done all you need to do, rest assured that you’re next in line.