Don’t Settle for Less

Have you ever wanted to aim for much higher only to be told to be “grateful” for where you are?

I’m all about being grateful for where we are and what we have. The word of God encourages us to be thankful, and we should be. However, we mustn’t settle when we should be on the move.

God always has something more in store for us, so we shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting more, provided we are not asking for the wrong reasons.

A mother once described how she had been made to feel guilty for wanting another child simply because she already had two kids. What if God wanted her to have three?

We should all take a cue from Blind Bartimaeus, who refused to be quietened when asked to stop calling out to Jesus. He needed a miracle, and no one was going to stop him.

And guess what? The master called out to him. What if he had listened to the crowd; they would have prevented him from receiving his sight. You can read the account in Mark 10: 46-52.

And that’s why we should not allow other people’s opinions to dictate what we can or can’t have, but first, we ought to know what God has promised us in His word, so we are not asking amiss and be ready to contend for these promises because there are giants in every promise land.

So, put on the whole armour of God and prepare to fight the good fight of faith.

Yes, Jesus Christ has gotten us corporate victory on the cross, but we must know how to make the corporate, personal, and that’s in the place of prayer.

See you at the top!