The Christmas Party

They’d been preparing for the party for months. That was all everyone talked about, the adults and the children alike. The dads worked overtime, and the mums took every shift available, just to make sure everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the Prince’s birthday. But on the day of the celebration, everyone was invited but the Prince. The Prince didn’t understand what was going on. It was His party, and He hadn’t been invited. With tears in His eyes, He watched from outside as the people ate and drank, reveling and exchanging gifts, without a single mention of His name, and then it all got rowdy, nothing at all like what He would have wanted. However, just as He was about to leave, one little girl came and asked Him in. The Prince was glad and quietly supped with her, giving her the greatest gift of the evening-a brand new heart! And with it, the promise of a mansion in the King’s house. John 14:2.What more could a little girl ask for?

So this year as you celebrate Christmas don’t forget to invite Jesus, the Prince of Peace into your heart and your home. Remember He’s reason for the season!


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