“A Crime of Innocence”-fast-paced, moving and bound to pull at your heart’s strings

A Crime of Innocence: they told him it was a game, tells the story of Dorothy, a single mother, who finds herself raising three young boys, one of whom ends up in prison for manslaughter after being set up by friends, who a few months earlier had passed off a stolen pair of boots unto the young boy as a Christmas gift.

Fast-paced, moving and bound to pull at your heart’s strings, this book will get you thinking about the dangers of wrong association in a world where the quest for fame and acceptance has become the norm.

And with Christmas fast approaching, this is just a gentle reminder to young people out there not to be lured by the promise of expensive gift items from people of questionable character. Trust me, there’s no such thing as a “free gift”, and you’ll end up paying for it one way or the other. So, keep safe and be content with whatever your parents can afford to give you!

With Vital life lessons woven into the fabric of “A Crime of Innocence”, this book will be just as relevant long after Christmas has come and gone.

A good read for the whole family.

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