Don’t Despise Little Beginnings

It’s a New Year, and most of us are ready to hit the ground running, but it’s equally vital that we don’t despise the “not so glamorous” opportunities that come our way.  Ok, I know you “deserve” much more, but the truth is we’ve all got to start from somewhere; people need to know what we’ve got to begin with, and that could mean taking up the “not so glamorous” opportunities to get our foot in the door.

Secondly, just as the traditional photographer uses a dark room to process and develop photos, God uses the dark and quiet places of our lives to build our character and mature us, so we become more refined.

So, let God make you; let Him strip you of the negative attitudes that can stop you from doing great exploits for the kingdom because an anointed man without good character can only go so far.

Perhaps those around you now don’t appreciate your gift,  keep showing up in the place of your assignment giving it your all: it only takes one person who was blessed when you gave what you had, with all your heart, to get the word out there.

If Joseph hadn’t used his gift in prison, no one would have known he could interpret dreams, and he would have never been recommended to interpret the King’s dream.

So, use what you have where you are now, hone your skills and when God’s done with you, He’d bring you out for the world to see.