Love is in the Air

It’s the “season of love”, and if you’re still single the chances are that Valentine’s day, will probably invoke very strong memories of past relationships. And with social media, there’s really no hiding place.

So, are you a failure just because you have no one to send you flowers? Of course not! Neither should you accept that label because it’s not who you are.   You are God’s treasure, waiting to be discovered and at the right time you’ll find and be found, but you’ll need to cooperate with your heavenly father to make it happen. He alone knows that person who’ll be able to accept your past, celebrate your present and grow with you, so let Him lead you. if He’s put the desire in you it’s because He has someone out there for you. Wait for Him and for His time!

It’s important, however, to make the most of this season of your life, so invest in yourself and in your relationship with the Lord. Attend conferences aimed at bringing out the best in you. Spend time fasting and praying to receive God’s instructions for your life and future. Indeed, there’s no better time to pray for your future than when you are single, committing your future spouse into the hands of God because you get to partake of everything they bring with them into the relationship when you eventually become husband and wife. Just as being joined to Christ means that we get to partake of His blessings and His sufferings, being joined to our spouses also means that we get to partake of their cup. Their struggles become our struggles just as we get to share in their victories. And by the way, no one is without a cup the contents may just differ. You want to be sure, however, that you are drinking from the cup that was meant for you because God gives us grace for where’s He’s placed us and the assignments, He’s given us, not the ones we have cunningly crafted for ourselves.

And if you are blessed to have found your “soulmate”, do say a prayer or two for those who are still single and searching that they also may find and be found because as the body of Christ we are all in this together.