When God Writes Your Love Story(Part 2)

One thing we all need to settle in our hearts as believers in Christ Jesus, especially in the area of marriage, is that God will never lead us where His grace can’t keep us. In other words, His plan and will for our lives is and always will be for our good. However, irrespective of how brilliant these plans are, God will never impose them on us.

My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years Gen 6:3(KJV)

The Spirit of God isn’t going to insist on having His way in our lives, even when it’s apparent that we need what He’s offering us, and that’s why we need to ensure that the voice of our spirit is louder and much stronger than our flesh lest we miss out on God’s best for our lives.

God’s commandments are not grievous, the bible tells us in 1 John 5:3, and neither are His choices. But the truth is we don’t always see what God sees, mainly when our hearts are already set on a different course of action. However, it’s important to know that the choices we make in the flesh cannot fulfil the demands of the spirit. And for many, this is where the struggle is.

Just because something looks good on us doesn’t mean we ought to have it, and the same, of course, applies in marriage. Just because you both look good together or perhaps have similar interests or even attend the same church doesn’t mean you should be together, except if it’s God’s will.

So the question is, is it God’s will? We all have our individual preferences, no doubt, but a choice that’s made in the flesh cannot fulfil the demands of the spirit of God. We must never forget that.

God still leads and guides if we allow Him; after all, He promised to lead and guide us in the way we ought to go. See Psalm 32:8. And this includes the choice of a life partner, provided we ask for His help.

You see, God knows what He’s called you to do and the type of person who’ll be suited to that assignment. And that’s why it’s good to involve the Lord every step of the way because the man or woman that God leads you to will be willing to fulfil God’s purpose along with you.

Now, it may take a while for some to warm up to the idea, mainly if they hadn’t seen it coming, but generally speaking, whoever God leads you to will be “willing”, but like every other thing, there’s always a few exceptions to the rule.

Finding “the one” is crucial, as we’ve already established. Still, it doesn’t automatically translate to a great marriage as married couples will tell you, And that’s why both partners have to work on loving and forgiving each other daily.

However, the beauty of getting God involved in the process as a couple is that you both have the confidence to approach the father individually or jointly to plead your cases if things go wrong.